Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Artifact News and Updates

I presented the latest information about the atifacts at the Roswell UFO festival early this month.
There is now a little more data to look at and it can be found at
I appeared on the new National Geographic show called Chasing UFOs. The show did not keep their word about doing additional analysis on my metallic artifacts in order to prove their origins. The issue was chain of custody protcols. The National  Geographic folks refused to follow good scientific investigative procedures. The show has OK entertainment value but lacks good detailed science. As the LA Times review says " too much Mulder and not enough Scully; I think that just about sums up the show.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Roswell Artifacts

I thought it was time to make what information I have on the Roswell debris field artifacts totally public. All the information about the metal artifacts can be viewed at

Are the artifacts extraterrestrial in origin? I don't know for sure. The artifacts came from the area described by witnesses in 1947 as a field of metallic debris, the remnants of something that exploded over the old Foster ranch.

 I'm a scientist and making claims based on limited data is not good science. The absolute truth is more testing is required to make positive identification.

Someone or some group has an interest in the artifacts. I say this because a sample has disappeared from a Fed Ex package in route to a university lab, my house was laser tagged from across the field through my backyard straight into my living room, my friends residence in another city was laser tagged, ransacked and a data disc was stolen containing information about the artifacts. There are a few other things that have happened which seem to indicate my cell phone conversations are not exactly secure and neither is my computer. I'm normally not overly paranoid but I'm not exactly stupid either.

As I get more information on the artifacts it will be shared. No hype, no bold claims just good science and good straight facts.

Happy New Year